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Company Profile

Trilok Heat Electricals is a recognized leader in the field of heating element, known for the quality & performance of its products & its services.

We designs & manufacturing all types of industrial heater suitable as per customers requirement.

Our commitment to service & quality control with efficient manufacturing process.

We deliver trouble free products to all customers by following quality control & inspection methods.
Our Product's Range
  • Tubular Heater
    Sheathed in Incoloy, Crome Steel Tube Consist of mgo Compacted heating element available...
  • Immersion Heater
    The Immersion Heater made from SS, Incoloy , Copper Sheathed tubular heating elements...
  • Custom Built Heater
    As per customers size & Application we Band it any Shape. Heater with Teflon coated, Allu- brass casted...
  • Cartridge Heater
    Cartridge heater are used to heat Dies for plastic packaging plant & various other application.
  • Radiant Quartz Heater
    Radiant Quartz Heater are one of most efficient Source of radiant energy.
  • Strip Heater
    Consist of fluted refractory insulated heating element Covered with zink plated MS or SS...
  • Bobbin Heater
    Made from replaceable refractory insulated heating element inside with MS, SS, Lead bonded...
  • Mica Band Heater
    Mica insulated Heater Consist of ribbon wire element on mica covered with Zink plated MS, Brass, SS Sheet with Clamp.
  • Furnace & Control Panel
    Muffle furnace construction with ms body, insulation with ceramic Blanket, Heating Element...
  • Sensor
    Sensors & Thermocouples designed for Industrial application. A wide range of Sheath Diameter...
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